Friday, September 14, 2012

granola bar update.

I've heard that many of you are trying the granola bar recipe...and loving it.  So glad.

I've also heard that several of you have tried it and had trouble with them falling apart like crazy.  I know where you're coming from.  My suggestion for this (cause it happened to me with one batch) is to press them well, and definitely wait at LEAST 30 minutes before trying to cut hour is better if you can stand it.  They are worth the wait.   Seriously, the longer they're in the fridge, the easier they are to cut without crumbling everywhere.

Don't give up on this one!

I did try a batch the other day with craisins, almonds and (crushed) yogurt covered pretzels in place of the rice cereal and crushed plain pretzels.  It was the BOMB, and did not require any melted coating on top.  YUM!

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