Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pretty as a Rose (and a Lucy)

The littlest girls in this house seem to love touring the yard with me to check for signs of new blooms. This week we had several new arrivals including Peonies (our first year for them...and so exciting to watch the ants scurry about!), Clematis (perfectly timed to surround our statue of the Blessed Mother during her month of May), Irises, Coral Bells (welcome humming birds!), and some lingering Lilacs(my personal favorite smell of spring). Lucy still holds on to my pinky finger as she leans forward and beckons me to "c'mere mom." She can't get to the pretties quick enough. Today I let them each pick a few blooms to play with, and eventually place in water on the windowsill.

They seemed to have trouble deciding when I asked them which was the prettiest...

Lucy thinks that none are as "pretty as a Rose!" Thank you Lord for these sweet, sweet girls (and the "pretties" you provide for us to enjoy.)

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Anonymous said...

I just can't believe that's little Lucy! Boy, it is time you have another little one in the house! :)