Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers Day Memories

~not sure it gets any better than this...
My window sill is lined with styrofoam cups full of all sorts of mystery flowers...lots of green with few actual blooms. A stack of homemade cards covers the desk in the kitchen...complete with promises to take out the trash, empty the dishwasher and the like. I scored a whole treasure trove of homemade trinkets like pipe cleaner bracelets, heart shaped bead crafts, and more. It can only mean one thing...I had a simply divine Mothers Day! Of course I wore the bracelets to mass on Sunday...the girls worked so hard on them. I couldn't have been more humbled as I stood with other moms to recieve a blessing. And yet I was painfully aware of other women, who like myself some years ago, are longing to be the ones standing. I pray for them, that God may find it in his plans to answer their prayers.

I'd be remiss to ignore the best part of my day first waking moments of shear joy...Breakfast in bed! Yes. You read it right. The 6 girls teamed together Sunday morning to deliver a delicious, (well-rounded, even) breakfast of hot oatmeal (with a hint of brown sugar--just the way I love it), warm buttery toast, yogurt, and milk complete with 2 mini donuts. (They were glad to help me eat what I couldn' the donuts...and the yogurt...and oh yeah...milk, blech!) Tears spill out again just typing about the thoughtfulness that went in to those few moments. Each of them worked together...little Lucy played her part well. She was sent in to snuggle between mom and dad to keep us in bed just a little longer. Meanwhile the 5 older girls shared the kitchen work, and yes, even cleaned up when they were done! (gasp!) They delivered it on a lovely little wicker tray they had to dig for out of storage in the basement, and just beamed as I oohed and ahhhed over each and every bite.

I can't begin to explain how my heart welled up in those moments with the girls. (John had slipped into the kitchen to make coffee, God love him!) This simple act of kindness, a pouring out of was everything I could have ever prayed for, and yet never even knew was possible before becoming a mom. Truly I am blessed. God is present in these moments, waiting to be found, an expression of LOVE, His love. I am so grateful for this Sunday morning God-moment, long before we were ever present with Him at mass. I praise Him too, for the lives He has entrusted us with, and am reminded especially at Mothers Day of a time not so long ago, when it seemed we would never have a family of our own. God is good!

Of course the boys rolled out of bed and into our moment just as I finished, and wondered what all the hoopla was about. Typical boys...oblivious, and yet quick to throw in a warm "Happy Mother's Day mom!" as if they were part of the whole breakfast plan. cute.
My 6 bed-headed beauties delivering a tray full of love this Mother's Day. (if you listen closely, you can hear their 4 brothers still snoring just down the hall)

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Amy said...

Ahhh the joys of Mother's Day. I, too, love all the homemade gifts and cards that appear on this day. Amazing how a little thing like misspelled words in a card can make the tears flow! Glad you enjoyed your day!