Sunday, June 29, 2008


And so another great adventure begins...

Welcome to my little corner of the web. Fill up your coffee cup, pull up a comfy chair and join me as I try to spill out a few thoughts each day about the crazy life we call our family.

A thought occured to me the other day...unfortunately I can't remember what it was. And so it became necessary for me to begin journaling along the way. "Blogging" becomes me.

As the days and weeks go flying by me, I'm realizing there are too many good stories that need to be shared. 10 children ages 8 and under...what an abundance of blessings indeed.

Join us as I try to share a bit of the journey.

(and if it occurs to you to pray for us along the way...even better!)

1 comment:

Cinderella said...

Jamie this is beautiful! I look forward to your stories and tips. God knows we can all benefit. Thanks for sharing!
In Christ, Barb