Friday, June 10, 2011

my summer to-do list

For me, summer is much like the New Years. It seems a good time to regroup, reconsider what's important, and resolve to make good with the gift of time and energy that summer brings.
Just like New Years though, I tend to overthink, and underdo.

Here's what's been rolling around in my brain for the coming months...

1.Enjoy as much outdoor time as humanly possible...parks, pools, lakes, walks & bikerides & running, backyard games, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, you name it! This only makes sense after the long winter.

2.Serve more veggies, and insist that someone starts eating them. (How depressing is it that I actually worry about this as a "summer priority?" But, sadly this is how my mom-mind works.) Somewhere over the last year or so, we seem to have become okay with the notion that potato chips count as a vegetable. And while, sometimes that's can't be a meal-time staple anymore. Or can it???

3.Organize my recipes...torn from magazines, written on old napkins or homework papers, index cards with spills and icky-stickies from Lord-only-knows-what all tossed haphazardly into a folder. Not conducive to good cooking. (Where's that recipe for Broccoli Fondue when I need it?!)This is actually something I'm hoping the girls will help me with. On rainy days. (refer back to #1)

4. Pray more. Maybe even on a picnic the backyard...with popcorn. What the heck...Jesus was an outdoorsy type, right? (Again, referring back to #1.)

5. Unplug the tv. I'm so OVER it, and want the kids to be too. (back to I getting redundant?)

6. In general, lighten up. Physically, emotionally, spiritually...and see it reflected back in my family.

Yep. That sounds like a good start. Now to squeeze that in between swim team, baseball, softball, piano and guitar commitments. We should be set to get started by mid-July. Well...we'll have to see about the veggie thing. Baby steps.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe if I post this on my fridge, everyone will say, 'hey, that sounds great, let's do it!', but don't think that will happen! Sounds good to me and hopefully you can accomplish it all!!!