Thursday, March 20, 2014

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord.

Don't you just love that song.
"Open the eyes of my heart, Lord.  I want to see you."

Love it.

Twice this weekend my eyes were opened wide to witness beautiful people doing beautiful, amazing, hard things in His holy name,

On Friday, my mom and I headed over to Russia (the tiny village in ohio, not the country) to support a ministry called Rustic Hope in their annual quarter auction.  My knowledge of what this organization does was pretty limited before Friday, but I knew it was important.  Through testimonies, and  conversations with other women there, I started to realize just how important.  This amazing woman Connie, started this pro-life ministry with the support of her husband and family to provide loving care and support to pregnant teens.  Sometimes taking these young ladies into their home to live as part of their family, often driving them to doctor appointments, providing them with clothing and all the things they need along the way.  Most importantly offering unconditional love in a supportive family environment.  Helping young ladies choose life.  Amazing.  My heart was so opened.  I see God in her, and her family, and the work they have committed themselves to.  A woman who's mission is to love.  That's God.  I see him in her.  Is that Namaste?  I think so.

On Sunday and again today, I was fortunate enough to hear from another amazing soul doing God's work.  Scott Will, a graduate of Ft. Recovery spoke at our parish about his medical missionary work in South Sudan, Africa.  Our parish is supporting him and the organization he works with (World Harvest Mission) as our lenton mission.  He shared stories of treating young children, extremely malnourished.  He told of the poverty and poor living conditions, as well as the civil unrest, and lack of sense of community there.  But he continues to return to South Sudan and share with them Gods love, through his work in the medical field as well as through team sports, bible studies, and agricultural education.  Truly inspiring.    His stories were amazing.  And his beautiful message of having no regrets, only blessings from his response of "yes" to God's call was awesome.  Gods grace is sufficient.  His living witness and testimony opened my heart, and I saw God present, alive and working within Scott.

Truly, we are Gods hands and feet on earth.
What call might I be missing or rejecting?
Or  perhaps, what call have I said yes to, but have not given myself to fully?

These beautiful people give me hope, inspire, encourage, epitomize Gods love.

Thank  you both for opening the eyes of my heart.


Anonymous said...

Great post!

I often ask myself, am I doing everything God is asking me to do?

I've never met Connie, but feel she is a hero to me. What she does is beyond amazing in my eyes and heart. I love when I see people like Connie and Scott do amazing things and saying YES to God!

I so often pray to win the lottery jackpot so I can finically support ministries like these!


I just came across your blog and was so delighted by your wonderful family. I am a pro-life Catholic mother and grandmother. Thank you for sharing your Christ-filled life with readers. You inspire more than you can ever imagine. I wish you a blessed Easter filled with good health, happiness and laughter.

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